Show Up & Rage On!

Have you ever felt so stressed or angry you just wanted to smash something? Want to experience something new? A rage room might be for you! Learn more about rage rooms and if you’d like to book a time to rage in Los Angeles, contact Rage Ground today.

What Is A Rage Room?

A rage room is a place where you can use tools like bats or golf clubs to break and smash items. You can also throw them across the room. It’s a way to get your anger or frustration out in a safe, controlled, and consequence-free area. Plus, you don’t even have to clean up after yourself — we’ll take care of that for you!

What Is The Rage Room Experience?

We provide you with the breakable items, and the number and size of items are determined by the package that you choose. You can come by yourself, with a partner, or a whole group. We take care of you and provide you with coveralls, a hard hat, a face mask, gloves, and a vest. Plus tools like pipes, bats, and mallets to smash things with.

Why Go to a Rage Room?

It’s a way to take out your anger or frustration in a safe way! Sometimes the best way to get rid of negative feelings is to break stuff. You’d be surprised at how good it feels to destroy something without having to feel bad or pick up after yourself. It’s cathartic and a great way to vent your anger.

Why Are Rage Rooms So in Demand?

People love rage rooms, and they’re popping up across the country. There’s just something special about breaking things, but it’s hard to do in a safe, healthy way on your own. Plus, even if you don’t need to vent, breaking things is just plain fun

Smash to your Heart’s Desire at Rage Ground Los Angeles

Ready to try a smash room for yourself? We provide a safe, fun environment for you to indulge your destructive desires. Book now in Los Angeles!