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Do you have pent-up anger and feel like you’re about to hit your breaking point? Time to get to a rage room!

What’s a Rage Room?

Also known as a “smash room,” rage rooms offer a fun activity and a safe space to get your anger out. And it’s not just for individuals or dates, either: For the ultimate year-end work function, you can encourage your colleagues to participate in a few rage room team-building activities. It’s a great way to connect with people while getting rid of work frustrations. 

A rage room is a form of recreational smashing that allows people to release their emotions in a room set up with destructible items. Here at the Los Angeles-based Rage Ground, we provide you with protective gear, weapons and a room set up with things to smash. If you’re looking for fun activities, corporate event ideas or a team-building activity in Los Angeles, consider a rage room.

Benefits of Rage Rooms

Rage rooms provide a healthy outlet for individuals to confront their emotions and explore repressed trauma. They provide a secure space to get rid of frustrations in a healthy, physical way that ensures there’s no collateral damage in the real world. It can also empower people, giving them more confidence. Rage rooms are meant to be fun but are only beneficial to mentally balanced individuals who aren’t predisposed to violence or anger issues. 

Benefits of Rage Room Team Building Activities

Used as a corporate event, rage rooms work well for team-building exercises. Small groups can engage in a few friendly competitions to see who can smash the most items in a set amount of time. This creates stronger bonds among team members, enhancing their productivity in the office. 

Rage room team-building activities can also help deal with office politics by making you feel more in control. And if your business involves remote teams, an in-person trip to a rage room can create and strengthen working relationships in a way that online meetings or virtual events never will. 

Choose Rage Ground for Your Next Team Building Experience

Rage Ground could be the perfect solution to help you build a more cohesive team. We offer three types of rage-smashing activities in a monitored environment. All safety gear and weapons are provided. Book your team building event at Rage Ground and get smashing!

“This is better than sex!”

– Stassi Shroeder, Vanderpump Rules

“Safety first when you rage!”

– Greg Gory, The Woody Show

“Rageground is a place where you can go in and break a bunch of sh*t without ANY consequences.”

– Stassi Shroeder, Vanderpump Rules

“Why have I never heard of this thing before? It seems ingenious–I get to break stuff and it’s perfectly fine and you encourage it!”

– Michael Rivera, The Riveras

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