Mobile Rage room Units

Bring the RAGE to you!

Want Rage ground at your next event?

Well, now you can! We have a mobile tent that we can bring anywhere at any time. Breaking stuff has never been easier. With this mobile rage room, you can break any throwable ceramic or glass items you’d like!

The tent is 10′ x 10′ and we recycle everything that’s broken. We can serve one guest at a time, but as many guests as you want can experience it with enough time. With plates, we bring sharpies so that the guest can write something that’s bothering them or whatever they want, and then they throw/smash it. For this, no safety gear is required and our minimum price comes with 200 plates. We can also create a custom rage event, simply request other items instead of, or in addition to, plates.


Pricing for mobile rage rooms in the LA area starts at $6,000 on the weekday and $8,000 on the weekend. Outside of the LA area starts at $10,000, out of state pricing starts at $14,000 and internationally it starts at $20,000. Item selection and quantity can be customized for your event.

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