Mobile Rage Room Units

Bring the RAGE to you!

Want Rage ground at your next event?

Well, now you can! We have a mobile room that we can bring anywhere at any time. Breaking stuff has never been easier. With this mobile rage room, you can break any item you’d like, excluding electronics or hazardous materials! The mobile room is 10′ x 10′ and we can serve up to two guests at a time, but as many guests as you want can experience it with enough time. We can customize this experience to your needs, as seen in the pictures below. Email us at for any and all questions!

A Party for All Occasions

Want to host an unforgettable event in the greater LA vicinity? Spice things up with our one-of-a-kind Mobile Rage Room, ideal for private parties, corporate events and team-building activities. And the best part? We bring the rage room experience right to your doorstep!

Full Safety Gear and Fun Things to Smash!

There’s nothing like breaking a few things to release some steam. The Mobile Rage Room provides everything you need to let loose, from a fun-filled array of breakables to our sturdy safety gear.

Picture your next birthday party, office gathering or even bachelor party transforming into an exciting adventure where everyone lets out their pent-up frustrations in the most satisfying way possible. Imagine laughter filling the air as everyone has a turn smashing things to their heart’s content. 

At Rage Ground, we prioritize your safety and entertainment. We provide full protective gear, including coveralls, a face shield, gloves, a vest and a hard hat – giving you peace of mind while you rage. 

Have a Smashing Time!

Choose something extraordinary with Rage Ground. We’re here for a different kind of fun time. Drop us an email at to get started.

There’s no better way to enjoy the liberating act of destruction. Let’s get this party smashing!


Pricing for mobile rage rooms in the LA area starts at $6,000 on the weekday and $8,000 on the weekend. Outside of the LA area starts at $10,000, out of state pricing starts at $14,000 and internationally it starts at $20,000. Item selection and quantity can be customized for your event.

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