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Sometimes, one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones is a way to release anger and destroy things without getting arrested. Rage Ground is that safe space you need right in Los Angeles, and we’ll even clean up the aftermath! 

What to Consider When Planning a Rage Room Birthday Party

One of the major things to consider is the age of the guests. Rage Ground has a strict age 10-plus policy, and minors need to have a parent or guardian with them. You’ll also want to consider how many guests will be attending. There are multiple rooms and areas, but there are limits as to how many can be in each one at a given time. You’ll also want to make sure everyone in attendance follows all safety and etiquette rules.

Paint Splatter Parties and Car Smashing

Don’t take your car-smashing desires to the streets when you can legally take them to Rage Ground for a car smashing session. Put on the provided safety gear, conjure up memories of all the cars that have cut you off since you started driving, and get to breaking stuff!

Maybe paint splattering is more your jam rather than smashing things. If that’s the case, consider Rage Ground’s paint splatter room for your next party. It’s exactly what it sounds like — just probably messier than you expect. We provide the canvases and paint, you provide the splatter.

Why Book a Mobile Rage Room?

Do you have some pent-up frustration or even rage? Chances are, a lot of the people you know or work with do, too! Our mobile rage rooms are available to travel to birthday celebrations as well as corporate events, family reunions and more, providing rage room experiences in a wide radius within and outside of California. Contact us to find out more about booking a mobile rage room for your upcoming birthday party or other event. 

General Rage Room Tips

The most important tips to keep in mind all have to do with safety. Wear all the provided safety attire, including closed-toe shoes, don’t throw or swing things at anyone else, and only hit and throw things in designated areas. We’re all about providing a fun environment where you can let loose and de-stress, but our rage rooms are designed to be safe environments, too.

Book the Best Birthday Party Ever at Rage Ground

Contact Rage Ground in Los Angeles, California, today to schedule your next and best birthday party. We’re also available for other events, from corporate team building to divorce parties! 

“This is better than sex!”

– Stassi Shroeder, Vanderpump Rules

“Safety first when you rage!”

– Greg Gory, The Woody Show

“Rageground is a place where you can go in and break a bunch of sh*t without ANY consequences.”

– Stassi Shroeder, Vanderpump Rules

“Why have I never heard of this thing before? It seems ingenious–I get to break stuff and it’s perfectly fine and you encourage it!”

– Michael Rivera, The Riveras

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