Corporate Events

Looking for Fun Activities for Corporate Events?

Everyone — even those who love their jobs — faces frustrating situations at work sometimes. If you’re looking to host a corporate event in Los Angeles where your employees can vent some of their frustrations safely, Rage Ground is the place to go. With rage rooms, mobile rage rooms and paint splatter rooms, Rage Ground offers fun team-building activities for your next company event.


Sharing a paint splatter room or rage room with your coworkers and colleagues offers a surprising number of benefits. It’s fantastic for team building, where employees are outside their usual element and have an opportunity to swing wildly at inanimate objects, throw items and enjoy a little physical activity along the way. It’s a great way to vent some steam in a safe environment and get to see a whole other side of your coworkers! And if you have remote employees, renting a rage room for an in-person event offers a wonderful opportunity for employees to get to know each other better.

Safety Gear 

During rage room events, various items, including glass and electronics, get launched and broken into fragments. We provide safety gear to ensure you get your employees back in one piece. Everyone is safe while having a good time engaging in a fun activity during the Rage Ground experience. Be prepared to wear a hard hat, gloves and coveralls for your protection. 

All attending employees must agree to behave in a safe manner in accordance with our policies. This includes not flinging or swinging items at each other.

Give Your Employees a Stress Outlet Today

Book a rage room, paint splatter room or mobile rage room today for your next unconventional, anything-but-boring team-building corporate event or holiday party. It’s guaranteed to be a memorable event for your team in a safe space (despite all the smashing going on). Depending on the number of guests attending, various add-ons may be available for an extra cost. Fill out the form for more information or to book your next corporate event at Rage Ground!

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