February 14th is just around the corner and like many people, you may find yourself struggling for a date idea. Movie theaters will be packed and fancy restaurants are totally predictable. Ideally, the best Valentine’s Day date should be fun and one-of-a-kind. In the Los Angeles area, you might assume that there are endless possibilities, but there might be one you’ve overlooked. What about a date with a little destruction?

At Rage Ground in Los Angeles, we’ve got the perfect date night solution for you. When renting one of our rage rooms, you and your date will have the opportunity to break and smash things large and small and truly let go. What can we say, rage rooms are all the rage!

What Does A Rage Room Date Look Like?

Because we have already assumed that you would love to take a date to a rage room, we have a Date Night package for just this occasion. For 25 minutes, you and your date get to smash all kinds of large and small items. These include 16 small items, 6 medium items, and 2 large items. You both will be smashing things to your heart’s content, from shot glasses and plates to printers and fax machines. Oh, and did we mention that every Date Night package includes tractor tires?

We provide you with all the safety equipment you might need including coveralls, face masks, hard hats, vests, and gloves so there are no accidents or mishaps on your date. We also provide you with plenty of smashing equipment to choose from including bats, pipes, and mallets. All you have to do is show up ready to break things and we’ll cover the rest!

Happy Valentine’s Day

You might not assume at first, that destroying things together is particularly romantic. However, not everyone likes traditionally romantic dates! Your date might be easily bored with flowers, candy, and dressing up for fancy dinners. The most romantic Valentine’s Day gift you could give is to plan something as unique as your date.

Spending time in one of our rage rooms is not only fun but a time that your date will never forget. You’ll surely get points for planning a totally unique and creative date. The rage room also gives you the chance to show your date that you can have fun together, and even work well as a team. You’ll come across as more thoughtful than if you simply took your date to any old restaurant or movie.

Book A Room Today

For an exciting, creative, and one-of-a-kind date night, reserve a rage room for Valentine’s Day this year. We promise it will be a time that you and your date never forget. You can break our stuff and we’ll even clean it up! You’ll definitely have fun along the way. Make a rage room reservation with one of our Date Night packages at Rage Ground in Los Angeles today, before we are all booked up!