Spend some time in a rage room, and you are bound to have fun. You will break and smash things, and not even have to clean up! You can do this activity alone, or with friends. This unique activity can be a great option for date nights, corporate events, or your next free afternoon. However, one of the best ways to enjoy a rage room is with a party. Whether it’s your birthday, a work celebration, or just high time you and your friends get together for a party, booking a rage room is a unique option guaranteed to provide plenty of fun.

At Rage Ground in LA, we are happy to host your next big party or event. Read on to learn how Rage Ground can make your next party a huge success!

What is a Rage Room?

To start, you may be wondering what a rage room even is. A rage room is a place where you can smash, break, and safely destroy a variety of objects. You will be provided with a variety of objects to break ranging from small plates to large printers. We even clean up and recycle everything that is broken! We also provide you with weapons, tools, and safety gear. You’ll have the option to choose from pipes, bats, and mallets for ultimate smashing. Then, we will provide you with coveralls, hard hats, face masks, gloves, and vests to ensure this activity is safe. 

How to Book a Party at Rage Ground

At Rage Ground, you can host a party like nothing you’ve ever experienced. When you book your party at Rage Ground, we will open all of the rooms into one giant room so you and all of your friends can break things together. We can host parties up to 15 people, and larger groups can be cycled in and out. We can even provide a food truck and a full minibar, for the ultimate party experience. Booking Rage Ground for your next event is as easy as filling out our convenient event form

Mobile Units

Already hosting an event, but want an additional activity? No problem! Rage Ground has mobile units, so you can have a rage room set up in your own backyard. If you reserve a mobile rage room unit, we bring a 10’x10’ tent, items to smash, smashing weapons, and safety gear. We’ll set up and clean up, and all of our broken items get recycled. If you book a mobile rage room for your next event, it is sure to be a party that won’t be forgotten!

Reserve Your Event Today

If you’ve been looking for a unique party idea for your next event, look no further than Rage Ground in Los Angeles. We offer a fun and one-of-a-kind activity that is perfect for your next retreat, corporate event, or birthday party. If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, contact Rage Ground in LA today!