At Rage Ground in LA, we get it: you’re stressed. Like most people, you probably have several sources for this stress. Work, family, relationships, the hustle and bustle of adulthood, even the news are all things that can cause tension for most people. In day to day life, it can feel like there is nowhere to offload this stress. Stress, annoyance, frustration, and anger can become bottled up in a way that is just not healthy, and you certainly can’t direct it at other people. 

What if you had permission to let it all out? To relieve your stress, let go of your anger, and be rid of your frustrations in a controlled environment? Rage Ground has you covered. We provide the room, the protective gear, and items big or small to smash for groups or individuals. This can be called destructive therapy, a method of relieving pent-up stress or anger. If you’ve been feeling run-down with these emotions lately, destructive therapy could benefit you in several ways.  



Having Fun

It may seem obvious, but one of the results of smashing things with no consequence is that it is plain fun. Here, you can break things to your heart’s content without worrying about getting in trouble or cleaning up. Bringing friends or even co-workers along to a rage room can enhance the fun of this experience as well as build bonds. Depending on the package you choose, we provide all kinds of things for you to destroy. Have you always wanted to throw a glass at the wall? We provide you with shot glasses, wine glasses, and more. Love the movie Office Space, and want to feel cool smashing a printer to smithereens? We can stock your room with large objects like printers, fax machines, and more. 

Letting Go

There are few scenarios in life where you can truly let go. Negative emotions like stress and anger can add up, and it can feel like there is nothing you can do with them. At Rage Ground, you can suit up, grab your weapon of choice, and let loose. You can let off some steam without dealing with the consequences that might normally come with destructive behavior. We give you permission to let it go, and leave it here. Hopefully, as a result, you’ll leave us with less stress than you came in with. 

The Right Time, The Right Place

Of course, there is a reason why we can’t just let loose in everyday life. You certainly do not want to smash your own dishes or be responsible for replacing the printer at work. Destructive therapy gives you the opportunity to follow your impulse to destroy in an appropriate environment. We ensure that you are safe the entire time with protective gear and we give you full permission to destroy the contents of the rage room we set up for you. You can relieve stress by letting go of destructive behavior in a controlled environment that won’t affect anyone else. 

Clear Your Mind

Once you have let go of your stress or anger, you will hopefully feel a little lighter. You can leave your troubles at our door and have a clearer mind to focus on your work, health, relationships, or anything else that you have been too stressed to deal with. Smashing stuff and breaking things might not seem like a relaxing activity, but clearing your mind can help you slow down and better focus on more important things than your stress. You may find that if smashing plates is enough to clear your mind, you can handle anything in your life that is causing you to have negative emotions. 

Book A Room Today

Are you ready for some long overdue stress relief? We all have areas of our life that are causing us stress, annoyance, or anger and we all could use a little help in coping. Let us help you let go of that anger, stress, and frustration that you’ve bottled up. You can break our stuff and we’ll even clean it up! You might even have a little fun along the way. Make a rage room reservation with Rage Ground in Los Angeles today!