The benefits of visiting a rage room are innumerable. Rage rooms can help you release stress, manage anger, team building, and just have plain fun. If you’ve ever visited a rage room, then you are probably eager to share that experience with everyone you know. Raging can provide endless fun for a group and can be a unique addition to any event. 

But how do you include a rage room as part of a bigger event? If your plans don’t center around visiting a rage room facility, then you might think that you can’t include this as part of your next event. You would be wrong! Luckily, Rage Ground in Los Angeles has mobile units that you can rent to add pizazz to any event or party. We bring the rage to you, in the form of a mobile tent. We’ll set up our 10’x10’ tent, provide you with plates to smash, and any other ceramic or glass objects you would like to add to customize your rage event. While many different event types would benefit from a mobile rage room unit, here are just a few:  

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a particularly good event for mobile rage rooms. Perhaps you are a little angry about growing older and just want to smash a plate or two. With one of our mobile units you can do just that, and so can your family and friends. Birthday parties are also supposed to be as fun as possible, and we all know that fun is a key takeaway from a rage room experience. Book a mobile rage room unit for your next birthday party and people are sure to rave about what a good party you had. 

Neighborhood Events

We’ve all heard of neighborhood garage sales to collectively get rid of junk, but what about a neighborhood rage room event? A mobile rage room unit is a great option whether you have a regular neighborhood party that you would like to add an extra, fun activity to or your neighbors want to smash some of that junk they’ve accumulated. 

Festivals & Parties

A mobile rage room unit fits right in at a festival or big party. These types of events often need a wide variety of activities to accommodate the huge number of people attending. You may have already considered a photo booth, a bar service, and games. Why not add a rage room? This is sure to be a unique feature for your event? Plus, festival attendees tend to have pent up energy that is perfect for a rage room experience. 

Corporate Events

We’ve touched on this before, that rage rooms are great for corporate events. This activity can be great for team building at a training workshop, relieving employee stress, or just for fun at a holiday party. Your employees work hard, and it makes sense that they could use the opportunity to let loose in a safe space every once in a while. With our mobile units, you can plan a rage room activity no matter where your corporate event is located. 

Reserve a Mobile Unit Today

Are you looking for fun, unique activities for your next event? A mobile rage room unit can add a special twist to any event, festival, or party, big or small. Let us help you make your next event a huge success. You can break our stuff and we’ll even clean it up! You and your friends might even have a little fun along the way. Our calendar fills up fast, so make your mobile unit reservation with Rage Ground in LA today!