Is your office feeling a little stale lately? Even though many of us don’t find our best friends at work, there’s no doubt that people work better together when they get along and can communicate clearly and effectively. In order for some offices to increase the effectiveness of their work environment, business owners will schedule a corporate event so that employees can bond and open up about their own ideas and goals.

There are a variety of benefits from attending a corporate event, such as brainstorming new ideas, meeting and networking with new people, gaining a deeper understanding of what your coworkers do, and more. But for these events to be successful, it needs to be the right kind of event. You can’t simply put people in a room together without any direction or purpose and expect them to learn more and explore new ideas on their own. So what are the best types of corporate events?

Fun Corporate Events For Your Office


The key to planning a conference is scheduling a speaker that everyone in the office will look forward to hearing from. A conference needs to be worth the time and money spent getting everyone together, so choose a theme that shows your company is making brand new strides on your industry and bring in a top speaker. There can be a time for a Q&A with the speaker to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the experience. And be sure to provide everyone with a nice lunch or dinner as well.

Training Workshops

It’s not uncommon for businesses to hold training meetings, but these can quickly become predictable and not very helpful. Be sure to have guest visitors or even a special lecture by one of your employees to make each workshop special. Try to change things up as well. Don’t always sit in a row of chairs listening to someone standing up front — get out of your chairs, interact with people around you, have small group discussions, or even play a team building game.

Holiday Parties

Whether it’s a summer celebration or a winter ball, holiday parties really can be creative and fun. Unlike many of the other corporate events, holiday parties aren’t often focused on work and professional growth, but focus more on team bonding and an overall appreciation of the employees in the organization. Consider having a type of entertainment, such as a special musician or talent show. And while it doesn’t need to be the primary focus, a holiday party isn’t quite the same without a bar and plenty of horderves.

Trade Shows

Attending a trade show, or having your own booth at a trade show is a unique corporate event where there is plenty of learning, networking, and even an opportunity to market your business. If you do have your own booth, make sure that it stands out with quality displays, lights, and promotional offers to attract passersby. If some of your employees are simply attending, be sure to have a clear message that everyone can discuss as they walk from booth to booth.

Charity Events

There’s nothing better than being able to give back to a community or to help those in need. Decide on a local charity that everyone feels strongly about. To make it a cohesive group, you can even order t-shirts with your organization’s name on it and a fun slogan. After the event, everyone can go out for lunch or a drink and discuss the details of the day. Simply by spending time with coworkers in a meaningful way can be incredibly beneficial.

Rage Room

Although it’s far from ordinary, a rage room is truly a unique way to bond with coworkers. Great for smaller businesses or a team within a larger organization, a rage room is a space designed for guests to break things! Whether you’re stressed out, frustrated, annoyed, or even if you’re really not angry at all, it’s the perfect space to let off steam and to get to know your coworkers better.

Rage Ground

Located in downtown Los Angeles, our rage room is a safe space where you can really let out all of your anger and grief. After opening our doors, we have found that you don’t have to be angry about anything specific to be able to enjoy breaking things. The act of throwing a vase against a wall or slamming a stack of plates with a pipe can be incredibly satisfying and a release of emotions you may not have known existed.

Why Choose Rage Ground For Your Next Corporate Event?

Our rage room is made up of smaller rooms that can be opened up to make space for a group of up to 15 people. If your group is larger, we can simply break the group in half and take turns. We offer affordable prices and safety is our number one priority. Rage Ground even offers mobile rage rooms, so if your business isn’t located in Los Angeles, or you’d simply rather not have to manage all the travel, we can come to you! Our mobile unit is a 10’ x 10’ tent and we’ll bring all of the same great items for you and your team to break.

Wherever you choose to rage, choose Rage Ground! Contact us today in Los Angeles to make a reservation. We’re sure that you and your employees will feel close to each other and much less stressed out.