We all feel angry at one time or another. Perhaps someone cut you off in traffic, your roommate didn’t do the dishes, your boss is being a nuisance, or someone said something rude to you. There are a million little things that can make us angry every day, and it is OK to feel this emotion temporarily. However, anger can become an unhealthy emotion when we bottle up all of those little things and never deal with them.

At Rage Ground in Los Angeles, we understand that people need to deal with their anger, whether the root cause is big or small. Here are some tips to try for anger management:

1. Step away

When a situation or a person is making you angry, sometimes the best thing you can do is step away for a moment. You can take a minute to breathe, think things through, and calm down. You’ll return to deal with the situation with a clearer head and less likely to do something regrettable.

2. Talk about it

For many of us, talking about our emotions feels like the worst possible option. However, it is one of the healthiest things you can do when you’re feeling angry. Too often, we tend to bottle our emotions and ignore them instead of dealing with them head-on. This is detrimental in the long run and what could have been resolved with a simple discussion can just make you angrier as time goes on. 

3. Identify solutions

Hand in hand with talking about your anger is finding a solution for what causes it. Finding a way to change the situation that is respectful of both people’s feelings can give you a sense of resolution as well as avoid similar issues in the future. Additionally, when you are busy having productive thoughts about solving a problem, you can distract yourself from having destructive thoughts about how angry you are.

4. Get some exercise

Sometimes you will need to find another way to let out the stress that you feel when someone or something has made you angry. Physical activity can help to bring those stress levels down. You may find in some instances that taking the time to get some exercise will leave you with an improved mood and some mental distance from the situation. 

5. Develop relaxation skills

Before we begin to deal with something or someone who made us angry, it can be helpful to bring your emotions down a notch. Then you will hopefully avoid saying or doing something you wouldn’t normally say or do. There are relaxation skills that you can develop to quiet your thoughts and calm your body and mind. Some of these include deep breathing, repeating a calming word or phrase, or meditating. Some people may also find journaling or yoga to be a relaxing outlet. 

6. Lighten the mood

Sometimes we get angry at situations that are minimal or outside of our control. Using humor and lightening the mood can be a way to bring yourself out of that angry feeling and diffuse the tension. When you’re out of that angry mindset you’ll have a clearer view of your problems or otherwise be able to move on. 

7. Express your anger in a safe space

Occasionally, things like relaxation or humor are just not able to cut through our stress. In these times it can feel like what you really want to do is just break something. This is not an advisable action if you are at work, your house, or in the middle of a grocery store. Luckily, there is a place where you can release this tension and let your anger out. At Rage Ground in LA, you can reserve a rage room where you are free to break and smash whatever you want, big or small. We give you an appropriate space to express your anger and stress. You might just leave us with a clearer and calmer mind having let out some of those feelings. One way or another, you are guaranteed to have fun!

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