Have you ever heard of a rage room? It’s somewhere everyday folks can take out their anger- uninhibited and pure, let it all out! We call ours Rage Ground. We are based in Los Angeles and here to stay. We provide a safe, fun environment for those seeking to indulge their destructive desires, and those seeking new experiences. It is our utmost desire to provide many options to fit everyone’s needs and cravings through packages and customizable options.

Don’t worry though, it’s perfectly safe. We provide full protective gear including:

– Coveralls
– Hard hat with face mask
– Gloves
– Vest

We also provide weapons/ tools such as:

– Pipes
– Bats
– Mallets
– And items to break

We’ll take care of you, don’t worry about a thing, Darlings. Come as a lone wolf, with a group of friends- or with a partner for a romantic date night. Come relieve your stress and take it out on us!

Note: We do not accommodate drop-ins. Please make an online reservation for the experience of your choice!