Rage Chronicles # 1: Interview with the Rage Ground LA Owner

Our marketer wrote a blog post for us, this is the crap he sent us:

How did you come to think of this idea for Rage Ground? (Also known as an anger room or rage room.)

I have always wanted to break stuff. I had a temper growing up. I also had outlets like baseball, boxing, and weightlifting, but now I have an injury and can’t do any of that anymore.

I was trying to find a new outlet for my anxiety and anger, and saw the anger room concept on the show moaning of life. I thought it seemed like fun. I looked it up to see if there was an Anger Room in Los Angeles and there were not so it was obvious that I had to open one then.

I want Rage Rooms to become a new form of entertainment that is normalized, so people don’t think that of it as crazy and instead that is cool. I want to capitalize on the fact that we are in an urban environment where we can’t break whatever we want. I hope to normalize the idea of going to Rage Ground and offer a good time for people.

I want to offer a new fun thing to do in Downtown Los Angeles for people to break stuff, so they can have fun, or an outlet for emotions like anxiety and stress, whatever they need.

Do people actually use breaking stuff as an outlet?

Some people have said to me that they really want to break things when they are annoyed and stressed out.

For example my girlfriends friend didn’t get into her choice college and so was asking when we were opening saying: “I want to break some stuff!”

I think it is more of an entertainment thing than an outlet, but some people need it as an outlet. Marketing wise however, this should be marketed as entertainment and not therapy.

First marketed to relieve boredom, then to relieve stress.

Why entertainment and not therapy or anger management?

I don’t know if you have ever broken stuff but it is pretty fun.

Offering people a good time is a wider market than the niche market of offering an emotional outlet.

I am not looking to hear: “Oh I just got out of a session at the Rage Ground because my parents sent me.”

I don’t want it to gain the stigma that therapy has gotten. I want it to be considered cool, not necessary to do.

My mom is a psychiatrist, and I told her about the idea. She said she had the idea years ago but never did it.

Around here people are finding more holistic ways of solving their issues; yoga, meditation, medical marijuana, etc. People are always looking for that new thing and I think this can be that new thing, but the challenge will be making people come back for more after one time.

Why come back? What’s the depth of the vision?

My girlfriend and I are always hanging out, thinking of stuff we can do, but end up just sitting around watching Netflix because we can’t think of anything better to do.

I want going out to the Rage Ground in Los Angeles to become a thing like going bowling or to an escape room.

People are always looking for fun activities in Los Angeles, and I want to offer safe and fun things to do in Los Angeles at night. I think Rage Ground is one of the most fun places in Los Angeles. Take a date, or come with your friends or coworkers, and share in the camaraderie of an experience.

With our rage rooms, at Rage Ground, we offer a new, all natural type of entertainment, that lets out that inner part of yourself most people haven’t had a chance to experien yet.

Horrible right? That’s what we said -_-